About Lacq
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Lacq is a brand name by Vliegenthart BV.

Purveyor to the Royal Household since 1989

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It has been a definite recent trend: the desire for traditional, high-quality manufactured goods, Chefs prepare high-quality foods, using natural ingredients. Breweries producing special beers with a history are shooting up like mushrooms. We want to see and understand how things are made. Even the barber has returned on the scene: here, you can have a haircut or a shave in a traditional way. People yearn for quality and craftmanship. Which got us thinking…


Vliegenthart was founded in 1839, by Leendert Vliegenthart. The company started off by pressing oil from linseed. This oil still forms the leitmotiv of our organisation. Today, we are a well-respected manufacturer of linseed oil and semi-manufactures for the global paint industry. In over 175 years, we have gained an incredible amount of expertise. Part of this knowledge was recorded in a hand-written recipe book. This book contains numerous  recipes for a range of lacquers, varnishes, oils and many other products for the protection of various substrates, such as wood. From the viewpoint of trade and production, we noted that the European paint producers also needed authentic high-quality products – particularly regarding wood finishing. That is why we have selected a number of authentic Vliegenthart recipes and adapted these to todays production methods & chemical expertise. Basic recipes from the past, combined with today’s technologies – the best of both worlds!



We believe in authentic high-quality products that have been manufactured in a traditional way. We started these with the brand name: Lacq.



Based upon this, we produce our Lacq products using only ingredients with  proven high quality. Top-quality oils, resins and waxes are used as the base. They are blended by  traditional methods. This process can be compared to the preparation of food: the right ingredients, temperature, timing for cooking and correct recipe will  determine the flavour of the end product – in our case: the quality. The only changes in the process concern the material of the copper kettles, which today are made of stainless steel, and the open fires that have been replaced by induction hobs.


The combination of oils and natural resins will ensure maximum flexibility of the coating, allowing the wood to flex  as the seasons change. This is the major difference with many so-called modern products, which are fast-drying and continue to harden, causing damage to the protective layer when wood flexes.
Our Lacq product line is manufactured with the professional user in mind, but our products will also delight handymen and women who value quality products with a history.


 Choose authentic quality – choose Lacq