Floor varnish X10
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Floor varnish X10 is a polyurethane, clear, transparent sealer based on modified vegetable oilsl that dries to a gloss after  two or three coats have been applied. Floor varnish X10 is renowned for its high quality for over  40 years.


Floor varnish X10 is applied to concrete floors to enhance the appearance and to protect against wear and prevents the dispersion of dust from untreated concrete floors. After treatment with Floor varnish X10, floors are easy to keep clean as dirt or grease can no longer penetrate.


Available can sizes: 1L, 2,5L, 5L & 20L

Technical data

Dowload the technical data sheet here.

Safety data

Download the Material Safety Data sheet here.

What do I use Floor varnish X10 for?

Floor varnish X10 impregnates concrete floors and prevents dispersion of dust.
Applying up to three coats of X10 will give a sheen to  the floor. Can also apply it to wood and ceramic tiles.

What type of system is Floor varnish X10?

Lacq Floor varnish X10 is a 1-component polyurethane.

How do I apply Floor varnish X10 to my floor?

You may apply Floor varnish X10 using a brush, a roller, or a spray gun.

When can I apply Floor varnish X10 to a new floor?

Concrete should be allowed to thoroughly dry and harden before you can treat it with Floor varnish X10

What is the colour of Floor varnish X10?

Floor varnish X10 is transparant, but will yellow slightly over time. It is possible to tint Floor varnish X10.

What is the coverage for Floor varnish X10?

One litre of Floor varnish X10 will cover 11 m2.