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Natuleum is a traditionally cooked product consisting of natural waxes, resins and oils for superb protection of outdoor wood.


Lacq Natuleum remains flexible for a long time, penetrates very well in most types of wood and has an excellent moisture resistance . It has a natural deep brown/black colour.

Because Lacq Natuleum contains no VOC, consequently there is no loss by evaporation and 100% of the material remains on the wood after drying.


Available in can sizes:  1L, 2,5L, 5L & 20L

Technical data

Download the technical data sheet here.

Safety data

Download the Material Safety Data sheet here.

What do I use Natuleum for?

Natuleum is a replacement for coal tar/creosote.

It is particularly  suitable for application on windmills, sheds, barns etc.

What is the advantage of a cooked product?

Because Natuleum does not contain any solvents, no part of the product will evaporate.

You will apply 100% of the product for maximum coverage and protection. 

What is the colour of Natuleum?

Natuleum has a deep-brown, almost black, colour.

Can I compare Natuleum to creosote?

Natuleum is an alternative for creosote or coal tar.

However, thanks to its formulation, it will not harm  the environment.

Natuleum can be applied over previous layers of creosote or coal tar.

What is the drying time for Natuleum?

Natuleum will dry very slowly. It will penetrate deeply into the wood to provide optimum protection.

The drying time can be up to 2 days.

After thorough drying, you can apply another coat.

What is the yield for Natuleum?

One litre of Natuleum will cover approximately 6 m2.