Pine tar
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Lacq Pine tar is made with entirely natural ingredients. It is obtained by dry distillation (pyrolysis) of pine woods.


It is black/brown, semi-opaque and has a characteristic smell. Pine tar is used for the protection of the wood boats, but also posts and soft wood fences. Used in Scandinavia for centuries, Swedish Tar contains protective substances for wood against rot, insects etc. Also suitable for the treatment of horse hooves and trees wounds.


Available can sizes: 1L, 2,5L, 5L & 20L

Technical data

Dowload the technical data sheet here.

Safety data

Download the Material Safety Data sheet here.

What do I use Lacq Stockholm Tar for?

Lacq Stockholm Tar is used to protect soft wood types. For objects such as sheds, barns, fences, boats and windmills.

Does Lacq Stockholm Tar present a health hazard?

As opposed to coal tar, Lacq Stockholm Tar is a product created by heating pinewood.
This production method results in its characteristic smell.
The product does not present a health hazard.

Can I apply Lacq Stockholm Tar across old tar layers?

Yes, you may apply Lacq Stockholm Tar across old tar layers.
It provides a breathable, impregnating, protective coat that does not hinder moisture absorption or release.

How long should I allow Lacq Stockholm Tar to dry?

Lacq Stockholm Tar dries very slowly. Take a few weeks into account