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Lacq Rapidoil 2C is a product consisting 2 components. The A component is based on a vegetable oil and completely free of solvents. Just one coat of the product gives colour and protection to the wooden surface. When the solvent free accelerator (B component) is added, the drying process of the oil is shortened considerably so the surface can be used in less time. 


Colours and protects the wooden surface with just one coat

Most oil products for wooden floors will need multiple coats of oil before the same level of protection is offered. With Rapidoil you will enrich the natural appearance of the wood and protect it with a durable coat. This makes the wood water repellent which makes it also suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. All in just one coat.


Floor is ready for use in hours

Thanks to the combination of Rapidoil and the solvent free hardener, the floor can be used in just 24 hours after application. After putting both oil and hardener together, the product can be used for 4 – 5 hours.


Suitable for all types of wood.

Rapidoil is suitable for all types of wood. Keep in mind that the colour result may differ depending on the base colour of the wood.

Easy to maintain

After 5 days the floor is maintainable with water and soap. Use Lacq Nourishing floorsoap for an optimal cleaning and preservation of the Rapidoil coat. 

Very suitable for table and worktops

Rapidoil is also very suitable for application on tables, kitchen worktops and other wooden furniture.


Available in: 0.5L & 1L

Technical data

Download the technical data sheet here.

Safety information

Download the technical data sheet here.